The origin and the vision


Femar was conceived in 1991 thanks to the expertise of Pasquale and Santi Barneschi, brothers and artists, born and raised in Castiglion Fiorentino, a marvellous Tuscan village. The 2 founders reveal from the very beginning their forward thinking with an open-mind point of view, creating timeless jewellery pieces able to become stylistic bedrocks for the future trends, a foundamental value for the firm’s enduring evolutionary process.

A Man-Technology balance

Our collections are entirely concevived by our team. Design, planning, creation and finishing are the leading stages to realize Femar jewellery. Ideas always come from a pencil and a blank sheet of paper, then they take shape thanks to CADdesign and the use of the most advanced incision and welding laser technology during the production. Advanced technology combined to savoir-faire of those who everyday, with expertise and passion, take care of every single detail of Femar artworks: from the masterpiece to mass production.